Fifteen grade seven and older 4-H’ers receive Fab 15 awards. They are (front, left) Andrea Severtson, Moriah Flanagan, Hannah Kruse, Joni Vander Beek, Kristopher Severtson, (back row) Matthew Raak, Ryleigh Beers, Erica Lysne, Trevor Mente, Christian Kruse, Dylan Mente and Andrew Raak. Missing are Michael Kinsinger, McKenna Westphal and Joanna Westphal.Earning Fantastic 15 awards at the 2015 Rock County 4-H Awards and Recognition Banquet were (front, left) Katharine Kelm, Elisabeth Kelm, Claire Popkes, Lanae Elbers, Leah Kruse, Karly Kruse, Ashlyn Johnson, Krista Burkman, Danette Leenderts, (back row) Sean Ehlers, Justin Mente, Jacob Raak, Hunter Sandbulte and Caleb Raak. Missing is Cassie Chesley.Jenna SchelhaasMira UithovenRyleigh Beers

County 4-H'ers receive recognition with year-end awards

“Oh! The places you’ll go in 4-H!” was the theme of the 2015 Awards and Recognition Night for Rock County 4-H Nov. 7 at the Luverne Elementary School commons.

About 165 members, parents, leaders and sponsors were on hand to congratulate the recipients.

The Rock County 4-H Ambassadors were the hosts of the program and were recognized for being “on call” for the county office and for providing youth leadership to many of our county 4-H programs.

The Ambies for the past year were Ryleigh Beers, Mary Christian, Moriah Flanagan, Caitlin Hartman, Grace Homer, Cole Hoogland, Makayla Huisman, Erica Lysne, Ethan Marshall, Shane Mueller, Thea Richards, Michaella Sandbulte, Jenna Schelhaas, Andrea Severtson, Kris Severtson, Mira Uithoven, Joanna Westphal and McKenna Westphal. 

Club abbreviations

For individual award recognition, the clubs’ names are abbreviated:

•BMC: Blue Mound Climbers

•BR: Blue Ribbon

•K9s: County K9s

•DGG: Denver Go-getters Club

•LW: Livewires

•MJ: Magnolia Juniors

•SD: Springdell

•WW: Willing Workers

New officer team

takes oath of office

The evening began with the installation of the newly elected Federation Officers. Each was given a Dr. Seuss book and a hat to help them along the “places they’ll go” as officers.

Installed were president Ryleigh Beers; vice president Adam Fodness; treasurer Trevor Mente; secretary Moriah Flanagan; assistant secretary/reporter Andrew Raak; youth leaders Joshua Raak and Hannah Kruse; Extension committee representatives Dylan Mente and Michael Kinsinger; adult treasurer Candy Reese; adult representatives Kory Kruse, Denise Severtson, Teresa Kinsinger, Julie Hamann, Sonja Braucht, Kari Flanagan and Sherri Ladd.


Clubs honored for community work

4-H clubs were also recognized.

The Luverne Area Chamber sponsors awards for community club activities.

This year the County K-9s club won top honors for their activities which included a fundraiser and awareness night about Dravet syndrome, planting flowers, interacting with nursing home residents, decorating a Christmas tree for the Carnegie Center, and shopping and donating to SHARE.

The Livewires Club took second place for their Community Pride project which included sponsoring a child in Haiti, making and donating clothing display stands for the exhibit building, painting and updating the photo backdrop in the fairgrounds show arena, and creating and donating thank you cards for all 4-H members to use to acknowledge award and auction sponsors.

This year, to share thanks and give back to the community, 4-H clubs were challenged to collect socks. The challenge kept to the evening’s Dr. Seuss theme and his book, “Fox in Sox.” Over 100 pairs of socks were collected and donated to the Rock County SHARE program.

The 4-H clubs also compete for awards based on the activities they do as a club.

They receive points for attendance, having project meetings, the percentage of members that do demonstrations and project talks, having recreation and other activities.

The first place Active Club Award was sponsored by Pizza Ranch and went to the Livewires.

Second place was sponsored by Hometown Shopko and was awarded to the Denver Go-Getters Club.

The Magnolia Juniors club was recognized for having the highest percentage of members complete their re-enrollment for the new 4-H year.


Youngest members

receive recognition

Recognition was given to a large group of our youngest 4-H members.

The Cloverbuds are 4-H members in kindergarten through second grade.

Receiving awards were Emma Deelstra, Olivia Deelstra, Rachel Graves, Mazzi Moore, Ella Sammons and Talya Shanahan from BR; Dylan Braucht, Garret Cattnach, Ryker Johnson, Elaine and Marie Nath, Gemma and Marlee Nelson and Franklin Uithoven from K9s; Dayson and Kyton Fritz from DGG; Andrew and Emma Deutsch, Levi Huisman, Janica and Makayla Oechsle, and Maria Rops from LW; Mallie Fick, Brianna Kinsinger, Austin Sandbulte, and Kailee Sandbulte from MJ; Jade Bertotti, Kendra Burkman, Klarissa Burkman, and Madison Lumpkin from SD; and Rebekah Swenson from WW.


Young members

receive special accolades

Four-H members in their first and second years can compete for Clover Power awards by participating in club and county activities through the year.

Recipients included Krista Burkman from SD, Cassie Chesley, Ashlyn Johnson, Harrison Uithoven and Rydell Uithoven from K9s, Madyson Domeyer, Karly and Leah Kruse and Claire Popkes of LW, Caleb Raak of DGG, and Nathan Kinsinger of MJ.


Fifteen members earn

special recognition

The Fantastic 15 Awards go to 15 members in grades three through six with the highest points for various activities such as participating in club activities, attending 4-H camp, exhibiting at county fair, filling out records and giving demonstrations.

The winners received awards sponsored by the Rock County Star Herald.

The Fantastic 15 awards were presented to Lanae and Sean Elbers, and Danette Leenderts of BR, Cassie Chesley, Ashlyn Johnson, and Elisabeth and Katharine Kelm of K-9s, Caleb and Jacob Raak of DGG; Karly and Leah Kruse and Claire Popkes of LW, Justin Mente and Hunter Sandbulte of  MJ, and Krista Burkman of SD.


Seasoned members’ involvement also revered

As 4-H members get older, they expand their involvement in 4-H to include leadership activities.

The youth in grade seven and older compete for the Fab 15 Awards sponsored by Exchange State Bank and Eastern Farmers Co-op.

The Fab 15 winners included Ryleigh Beers of  BMC, Joanna Westphal and McKenna Westphal of  BR, Erica Lysne of the K-9s, Andrew and Matthew Raak, Andrea and Kristoffer Severtson, and Joni VanderBeeek of DGG, Hannah Kruse of LW, Michael Kinsinger, Christian Kruse, Dylan and Trevor Mente of MJ and Moriah Flanagan of SD.


Three 4-H’ers singled out with achievement awards

Project achievement awards were presented to three deserving young people.

Achievement awards are “once in a lifetime” awards given to 4-H members who have done significant work over many years in one project area and have shared their knowledge with others.

An achievement award in the area of Consumer Education was sponsored by Main Street Financial and awarded to Ryleigh Beers, member of BMC and daughter of Brad and Jane Beers of rural Luverne.

A Child and Family Development Achievement Award, sponsored by the Rock County Early Childhood Initiative, was given to Erica Lysne, daughter of Laura Earl, Luverne.

The Rock Veterinary Clinic sponsored an Exploring Animals Achievement award for Shane Mueller, a member of SD and the son of Ed and Julie Mueller of rural Garretson.


Golla family awards

two current 4-H’ers

The George A. Golla award is presented by the Golla family each year to someone who has demonstrated an extraordinary display of 4-H qualities and has incorporated the 4-H values into their goals and their life.

After reflecting on those qualities, and the way they have given back to others and their communities, two awards were presented to Jenna Schelhaas and Mira Uithoven.


Beers recognized as outstanding youth leader

The ultimate youth leader award of the evening is the Outstanding Youth Leader award, which is sponsored by Minnwest Bank.

This year’s recipient, based on keeping 4-H a priority in her life, providing leadership to younger members, and being a wonderful role model was Ryleigh Beers of the BMC club.


Scholarships given

to graduating seniors

Many other youth and adults were recognized as well.

Scholarship recipients were Caitlin Hartman, sponsored by Glen’s Food Center; Andrea Severtson, sponsored by the Schei Memorial and the Reisch Fund; and Maddy Klamm, Casey Klosterbuer, Ethan Marshall and Joanna Westphal, sponsored by the Reisch 4-H Fund.


Nine graduate from 4-H

Graduating members were Mary Christian, SD; Cole Hoogland, DGG; Maddy Klamm, SD; Erica Lysne, K9s; Ethan Marshall, K9s; Shane Mueller, SD; Matthew Raak, DGG; Trenton Rops, LW; and Maddie Stegenga, WW.


Adult volunteers also thanked for service

A number of adult volunteers were honored for their years of service and contributions to Rock County 4-H as well.

Receiving recognition for 20 years was Barb Krapf; 15 years, John and Kari Flanagan, Leann Hoogland, Sandy and Steve Klosterbuer and Laura Richters; 10 years, Karen Christian, Shirley Flanagan, Jason Johnson, Arlen Klamm, Ed and Julie Mueller, Mary Beth Powell, Theresa Raak, Jodi Rops and Tom Rops; five years Terri Baker, Marvin Burkman, Amy and Daryl Fuerstenberg, Teresa Kinsinger, Dick and Teresa Kramer, Amana Sandbulte, Chris and Jamie Tiesler, and Troy Williamson.

Club leaders were also recognized. They included Brad and Jane Beers, BMC; Cheryl Hartman, BR; Jeanne Prekker, K9s; Theresa Raak, DGG; Jamie Tiesler, LW; Teresa Kinsinger, MJ; John Flanagan, SD; and Barb Krapf, WW.


Brad, Jane Beers honored for contributions to 4-H

The 4-H Friend/Alumni award was presented to Brad and Jane Beers for their many contributions to the livestock areas of 4-H, including State Fair contributions, for their many years of club leadership, for serving on the endowment committee, the executive committee, and for a combined 44 years of service to 4-H. 

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