Radisewitz starts regional job Tuesday

Cary Radisewitz, Luverne's American Family agent since Sept. 1, 1992,

will start his new job as district sales manager for American Family on

Sept. 1.

Radisewitz will work out of a Sioux Falls office and will be responsible

for assisting agents in the southeast quarter of South Dakota with all

aspects of their business, including production and sales.

The Luverne office, of which Radisewitz is the current manager, will

move out of his home on Sept. 5 into its new location in the All-States

building located at 904 S. Kniss.

Luverne's new American Family agent will be Shirley VanderHeiden.

VanderHeiden, who is originally from Platte, S.D., has been serving as a

regional sales manager for American Family in Ohio.

According to Radisewitz, the VanderHeidens saw the opening in Luverne as

a perfect way to get back to the part of the country that they consider


With the exception of VanderHeiden replacing Radisewitz, the staff of

the American Family office in Luverne will stay the same, according to


If you're slow, move right

It's not a law, but Minnesota wants slow drivers to move to the right.

Beginning last week, Minnesota highway crews began installing highway

signs with the "Slower Traffic Move Right" message on them.

The first sign was put up on Interstate 35 in Lakeville by a crew from

the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Crews from MnDOT have been installing 12 signs in the metro area and

approximately 38 in Greater Minnesota.

According to Senate Minority Leader Dick Day, the purpose of the

legislation is to take a greater step toward improving traffic flow and


"Often, drivers become angry when someone is in the left lane ahead of

them traveling below the speed limit. Our signs will encourage drivers

to stay right and allow faster moving traffic to pass safely on the

left," Day said.

Although the concept is probably a good one, it has been my experience

that on most interstate highways the right lane is for those traveling

the speed limit, and the left lane is for the rest of the traffic

traveling in excess of the speed limit.

Hershovitz to speak at Historical Society annual meeting

Do you know how to preserve your heirlooms?

The Minnesota Historical Society's chief conservator, Bob Hershovitz,

will be presenting free workshops around the state to help people

preserve their personal and family treasures.

One of the nine workshops scheduled will be held in conjunction with the

Rock County Historical Society's 2000 annual meeting.

The workshops will focus on how to properly care for and store all types

of materials, including books, papers, photographs, textiles, clothing,

metal and wood.

Topics will range from fragile fabrics in quilts and wedding dresses to

sturdy items that present special challenges, such as furniture,

firearms and medals.

Those in attendance are encouraged to bring along samples for a review

and hear how to clean, store and display them in the safest way.

The annual fund-raiser and dinner for the Rock County Historical Society

will be at 6 p.m. Friday, Sept 8, in Blue Mound Inn.

For more information about the annual meeting contact the Luverne Chamber of Commerce at 283-4061 or the Carnegie Cultural Center at 283-8294.

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