10 years ago (1990)

"Travel on Luverne's Main Street should be back to normal by the end of the week. County Highway engineer Arnold Johnson reported to the Rock County Board of Commissioners Tuesday that work is nearly complete."

25 years ago (1975)

"Barring unforeseen situations that might arise, work will begin on the proposed Centennial Apartments on East Lincoln Street the latter part of September or early October."

50 years ago (1950)

"The killing frost Saturday night and Sunday morning, August 19-20, has blighted prospects for good corn and soybean harvests in Rock County. Temperature here reached a low of 34, but elsewhere in the county it dropped low enough to freeze ice."

75 years ago (1925)

"That highway traffic is steadily and rapidly increasing every year is clearly demonstrated in the traffic census completed at midnight Sunday, showing that the daily average number of cars passing over Trunk Highway No. 9 is 138 greater than a year ago for the same period."

100 years ago (1900)

"There was a lively shake-up on the Doon train as it pulled into Ashcreek Saturday morning. By some means the baggage car became detached a short distance below the depot and followed the remainder of the train right up. The engineer of the train, not knowing of it, stopped the train and the collision was so severe as to throw passengers from their seats. One man's leg was broken and several other people were slightly hurt."

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