By John Rittenhouse

The Adrian wrestling team upped its record to 11-0-1 by winning five duels last week.

The Dragons rolled to a 29-point home win over Windom-Mountain Lake-Butterfield-Odin Thursday before winning four straight matches and taking top honors during the Harrisburg (S.D.) Tournament Saturday.

Adrian wrestles in Madison (S.D.) today, at the Owatonna Tournament Saturday and in Slayton Tuesday.

Harrisburg tourney

The Dragons overpowered all four South Dakota teams in Harrisburg Saturday.

Adrian recorded perfect scores while winning 78-0 over Beresford and Vermillion. The Dragons hammered Flandreau 60-8 before topping the host school 39-18.

Dusty Bullerman, Eric Kunkel, Lance Bullerman, Seth Bullerman, Jarod Henriksen and Justin Wieneke all went 4-0 for Adrian.

Lance Bullerman and Wieneke registered four straight pins.

Bullerman covered Beresford's Chase Moller in 42 seconds, Flandreau's Cody Chamblin in 41 seconds, Vermillion's Matt Varas in 25 seconds, and Harrisburg's Ross Sandine in 2:47.

Wieneke disposed of Beresford's Andrew Boden in 24 seconds, Flandreau's Brent Belkham in 59 seconds, Vermillion's Ra O'Connor in 3:05, and Harrisburg's Wayne Dullerud in 53 seconds.

Dusty Bullerman pinned Beresford's Corey Ostrem (56 seconds), Vermillion's Craig Powell (1:30) and Harrisburg's Eric Engburg (3:48) as well as posting an 8-4 decision win against Flandreau's Wade Quick.

Kunkel received one forfeit to go along with pins against Beresford's Kevin Jerman (1:23), Flandreau's Jason Bramsdell (1:50) and Harrisburg's Harley Mauch (1:24).

Seth Bullerman pinned Beresford's Bryan Fodness (52 seconds), Flandreau's Ross Bowman (1:51). He topped Harrsburg's Justin Sisson 6-3 and won by forfeit against Vermillion.

Henriksen posted pins against Beresford's Ted Norling (1:22) and Vermillion's Brad Simons (3:05), he won by technical fall over Flandreau's Jacob Parsley, and bested Harrisburg's Nick Larson 7-2.

The rest of Adrian's wrestlers went 3-1 at the tournament.

Match wrap-ups

Adrian 78, Beresford 0

103 (A) Reverts pins Knutson.

112 (A) Kruger pins Kennedy.

119 (A) D.Bullerman pins Ostrem.

125 (A) Kunkel pins Jerman.

130 (A) Sauer pins Blue.

135 (A) Tr.Bullerman by forfeit.

140 (A) N.Bullerman pin Faehnrich.

145 (A) La.Bullerman pins Moller.

152 (A) S.Bullerman pins Fodness.

160 (A) Lv.Bullerman pins Kennedy.

171 (A) Ty.Bullerma pins Lanesbury.

189 (A) Henriksen pins Norling.

275 (A) Wieneke pins Boden.

Adrian 60, Flandreau 8

103 (A) Reverts m.d. Reed.

112 (F) Sutton m.d. Kruger.

119 (A) D.Bullerman dec. Quick.

125 (A) Kunkel pins Bramsdell.

130 (F) Rydell m.d. Sauer.

135 (A) Tr.Bullerman pins Rydell.

140 (A) N.Bullerman by forfeit.

145 (A) La.Bullerman pins Chamblin.

152 (A) S.Bullerman pins Bowman.

160 (A) Lv.Bullerman pins Claflin.

171 (A) Ty.Bullerman pins Schuchard.

189 (A) Henriksen t.f. Parsley.

275 (A) Wieneke pins Blekham.

Adrian 78, Vermillion 0

103 (A) Reverts by forfeit.

112 (A) Kruger by forfeit.

119 (A) D.Bullerman pins Powell.

125 (A) Kunkel by forfeit.

130 (A) Sauer by forfeit.

135 (A) N.Bullerman pins Parsons.

140 (A) Tr.Bullerman pins Kyte.

145 (A) La.Bullerman pins Varas.

152 (A) S.Bullerman by forfeit.

160 (A) Lv.Bullerman pins Reynolds.

171 (A) Ty.Bullerman by forfeit.

189 (A) Henriksen pins Simons.

275 (A) Wieneke pins OÕConnor.

Adrian 39, Harrisburg 18

103 (H) Campbell dec. Reverts.

112 (A) Kruger t.f. Cawthorne.

119 (A) D.Bullerman pins Engburg.

125 (A) Kunkel pins Mauch.

130 (A) Sauer m.d. Johnson.

135 (H) Henjum dec. Tr.Bullerman.

140 (H) Cawthorne default N,Bullerman.

145 (A) La.Bullerman pins Sandine.

152 (A) S.Bullerman dec. Sisson.

160 (H) Slack dec. Lv.Bullerman.

171 (H) Johns dec. Ty.Bullerman.

189 (A) Henriksen dec. Larson.

275 (A) Wieneke pins Dullerud.

Adrian 42, W-ML-B-O 18

An eight-match winning string to cap the duel gave the Dragons a 24-point win over the Cobras in Adrian Thursday.

After falling behind 18-0 when the 130-pound match was complete, AHS bounced back to win the final eight matches of the night to thwart W-ML-B-OÕs upset bid.

The victory upped Adrian's Red Rock Conference record to 2-0-1, moving it into a tie with Jackson County Central for first place. A Dragon win over Fulda-Murray County Central in Slayton Jan. 23 would give AHS at least a share of the conference crown.

Adrian's late run against W-ML-B-O consisted of four pins, two technical fall wins and two major decision victories.

Trent Bullerman (1:26 over Jason Kruger at 135), Nate Bullerman (1:19 over Travis Winters at 140), Seth Bullerman (1:17 over Brady Lund at 152) and Justin Wieneke (2:31 over Chad Brown at heavyweight) recorded pins for Adrian.

Levi and Tyler Bullerman recorded technical fall wins over Derek Hall and Josh Gardner at 160 and 171 respectively. Lance Bullerman (12-0 over Spence Haugen at 145) and Jared Henriksen (12-4 over Cole Zimmerman at 189) recorded major decision wins for the Dragons.

W-ML-B-O compiled an 18-0 lead by recording three major decision wins and two decision victories to start the match.

Nick Kulseth (12-4 over Chris Kruger at 112), Anthony Elg (9-1 over Dusty Bullerman at 119) and David Borsgard (12-2 over Eric Kunkel at 125) posted major decision wins for the visitors. Jeff Stuckenbroker topped Cody Reverts 3-1 at 103, and Andy Molitor bested Tony Sauer 14-11 at 130.

Match wrap-ups

103 (W) Stuckenbroker dec.


112 (W) Kulseth m.d. Kruger.

119 (W) Elg m.d. D.Bullerman.

125 (W) Borsgard m.d. Kunkel.

130 (W) Molitor dec. Sauer.

135 (A) Tr.Bullerman pins Kruger.

140 (A) N.Bullerman pins Winters.

145 (A) La.Bullerman m.d. Haugen.

152 (A) S.Bullerman pins Lund.

160 (A) Lv.Bullerman t.f. Hall.

171 (A) Ty.Bullerman t.f. Gardner.

189 (A) Henriksen m.d. Zimmerman.

275 (A) Wieneke pins Brown.

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