To the Editor:

Having lived in Hills for more than 50 years, and whose family published the Crescent at one time, I must tell you that I enjoy receiving the weekly paper. Even my son from Chicago enjoys it. One thing that saddens me, however, is the lack of local advertising. It is unfortunate that more local businessmen don't realize that ads not only help their business, but in the long run, help to keep their town alive and progressive.

Jim Fleming's articles have been very interesting, and I hope he continues to contribute. I knew Jim and has family, having taught under JimÕs dad, Dana. What a great guy! In answer to some of his questions in the March 15 issue:

-O.A. Gudmundson's name was Oliver, a name he evidently didn't like, so chose to be called "Mike" for a particular reason.

-"Moon" Brediken's name was Harriet.

-As for having two Lutheran churches at one time, they each belonged to a different synod, but eventually joined and became the ELCA.

Keep those articles coming, Jim.

Jean Hanson

Sioux Falls, S.D.

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