Talk about lucky! Little did I know that the 150 antique tractors that were touring this area on Friday would be traveling right by my living room window. Fortunately I had some company on Friday who could identify most of the different makes for me. I could sit right in my living room and watch them come and go. I'm sure I had the best seat in the entire parade. Fun, fun!

June 17 has been designated as Father's Day - the day we honor father and commend him for his job in building the character of young America.

Just as the family is the basic group in our republic, so is the individual the first basic unit. And each individual is the product of his father's guidance and teaching.

A few years ago the National Father's Day Committee suggested 10 guideposts to a safe and better world and a happy and peaceful family life. Since we will soon be observing Father's Day perhaps we could give our fathers a few tips taken from this survey.

The wise father - oEncourages a respect for other nations and an understanding of other people.

oGives his child confidence through the safety of a happy home.

oTeaches his child that he is no better than others, despite any differences.

oIs quick to offer a helping hand in times of trouble.

oSchools his child in good sportsmanship and fair play, win or lose or draw.

oGains respect and love of his child not by force but through companionship and wisdom.

oTeaches his child the importance of good citizenship and by his own activity in community affairs.

oInstills in his child a respect for law and order.

oTeaches his child that intolerance and ignorance are alien to a world at peace.

oThrough spiritual guidance, teaches his child that greatness and goodness go hand in hand.

These are some areas we have not stressed very much the last few years, but they would be very helpful for our young people growing up today.

If that is what we expect from fathers these days Edward A Kind wrote a poem titled "Dad" which I would like to share with you.


I know you are awfully busy, Dad,

But there are things I wish youÕd do,

It isn't that I ask for much,

But just a thought or two.

Like, could you help me with my homework?

Or spend an hour with me?

Like, tell me some nice story,

Or hold me on your knee?

If you could spend some time with me,

I'd have so much to say,

To have you to myself sometimes,

Means more to me than play.

I guess the thing I'm trying to say,

Is what will make me glad,

It's nothing that all wealth could buy,

Just be a father to me, Dad.

That sort of says it all.

I have a few additional thoughts gleaned from various places that I would also like to share.

As a parent we are apt to forget that children watch examples better than they listen to preaching.

One father said the first thing learned in school by his darling little tot was how much spending money the other youngsters got!

A young child was asked the difference between Father's Day and MotherÕs Day. He replied, "Father's Day is something like Mother's Day except we don't have to buy such an expensive gift.

Words of wisdom come to us out of the mouths of babes!

I think last week was "Take A Kid Fishing Week," and what better gift could you give a father on his day than to take a kid fishing?

Happy Father's Day.

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