Adrian Celebration fun for young and old!

By Jolene Farley

No matter whom you talk to in Adrian, they are tired. It's a good tired though - the tiredness that comes from a weekend full of fun events. A weekend full of catching up with family and friends.

Adrian celebrated its quasquicentennial or 125th birthday over last weekend, June 15, 16 and 17. Since many cannot pronounce "quasquicentennial," it is safer to just call it the 125th celebration.

Local organizations and volunteers began planning for the celebration months ago. Mel Kroon, Chamber of Commerce president, took on the monumental task of coordinating all the events for the four-day celebration.

It all paid off. The weekend was full of fun things to do. Friday evening included a beard contest, among other things. Many women and men in the community were relieved when that event was over. The men were itchy and hot. The women were staying away from the men.

Five of the men from the beard contest offered to let the highest bidder shave them on stage in the Grizzly Adams Shave Off. An Adrian wife proved just how tired she was of her husband's beard by bidding about $250 to shave it off.

The Shave Off was followed by the Drag-On Review. I found this event the most hilarious. Ten men dressed as women vied for the title of Miss Drag-On Review.

It was sweet revenge to watch those men try to stumble around in high heels. I am assuming high heels are the reason Miss Singapore Sling wore kneepads.

Miss Crystal Springs borrowed my shoes. I find it disturbing when a man dressed as a woman looks better in my shoes than I do.

The Saturday evening parade had floats from each street in Adrian, bands and something for everyone with approximately 100 entries. I love a parade!

Both Friday and Saturday evening musical entertainment was offered under the tents on Maine Avenue. Saturday the streets and sidewalks were full of young and old, friend and stranger.

Many Adrianites were able to talk with friends and relatives they rarely see unless an event like this is going on.

The grand finale was the fireworks display on Sunday evening. My home was perfectly located to view the display shot off from the Adrian Golf Course. It was a wondrous sight.

Fireworks were the perfect end to the festivities. My sentiments were echoed by two young children seated next to us, who chorused "Ohhh" then "Ahhh," "Ohhh" then "Ahhh," after each burst of fireworks surpassed the last.

I just touched on what I enjoyed the most, so I certainly didn't list everything that was going on last weekend.

Organizers and everyone who helped make this celebration a reality should pat themselves on the back for creating an enjoyable weekend for all, then take a deep breath and RELAX!

P.S. I would like to thank my fellow members of the history book committee, all of whom donated many hours of their time toward making the 125th history book a reality. Thank you to Jackie Probst, Meredith Vaselaar, Barb Strassburg and Marian Kruger. Your work is appreciated!

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