By Betty Mann, Rock County Historical Society president

Before getting into my column this week, I'd like to, on behalf of the Rock County Historical Society, thank the Eagles for the donation of $1,000 to the Historical Society. We have many things that need to be done at the museum and Hinkly House, and funds are always needed. At the museum, we need air conditioning to keep the temperature level to preserve the papers and items there. We could have more space if we cemented the basement floor. (It is now a dirt floor.) Also cabinets and lighting for the displays would be needed. We need to insulate the museum. Then, of course, we have many bills just in everyday maintenance. The money will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to you, Eagles!

This is from the 1911 Rose History:

First township

The petition asking for the creation of Rock County's first township was dated Feb. 15, 1871, and was presented to the County Commissioners on that date. It was signed by E.N. Darling, Ed. McKenzie, P.J. Kniss, William Blasdell, G.W. Daniels, Horace Plum, LA. Daniels, Philo Hawes, William Greer, John Jones, H. Sawyer, J.C. Phelps, G. Webber, S. Wilcox, S.D. Gregory and C.C. Jones. The commissioners took the requested action on Feb. 16 and created Luverne Township (named after the village), embracing the present township of Luverne and Mound and the east half of Magnolia.

Two days later the southern tier of townships was authorized to begin township government under the name of Grant. The few settlers in other parts of Rock County were then without township organization, and to bring all parts of the county under legal government the commissioners on May 27, 1871, declared Luverne TownshipÕs boundaries extended to include all of the nine present day northern townships. The action was taken in response to a petition to that effect signed by J.F. Shoemaker, P.J. Kniss, E.S. Gregory, H.A. Gregory, G.W. Daniels, P.F. Kelley, L.A. Daniels, L. McDermott, James Kelley, Horace Plum, Philo Hawes, John Ryan, Ed. McKenzie, J.C. Gregory and Stephen Wilcox. Luverne Township included all this territory until it was reduced by the various acts creating other townships. Following is a list of settlers in Luverne Township proper who received patents from the United States government under the homestead and other acts for the granting of government lands:

Edward McKenzie (13-14), Elizabeth Gittens (12), John Jones (12), Henry Sawyer (14), Lewis T. Cooley (4), Jonathan C. Phelps (35-34), James Ryan (4), Leonard A. Daniels (28-1), James Preston (18) Joseph Jones (10), Charles F. Crosby (24), Christopher H. Spaulding (26-20), Miranda Skinner (25-36), Robert Donaldson (24), Charles M. Ellithorpe (6), Horace Plum (28), Samuel Spaulding (20), Philo Hawes (11), Gahr Anenson (24), Jacob Anenson (12), Perrin O. Needham (18), Horace A. Gregory (2), Joseph A. Forbes (22), George W. Daniels (22), Pierce J. Kniss (10), Levi Whitsell (22), S.D. Gregory (22), Martin Ryan (4), Jasper C. Gregory (26), Charles O. Hawes (10), Stephen Wilcox (26), Colin J. Estey (34), Herman Ohs (30), George W. Kniss (10), Catherina Weber (8), Anton Reder (2), Edwin Gillham (10), Nathan Benedict (28), James Wright (8), David Powell (6), Ann M. Loose (30), Henry Carner (18), Erastus G. Blodgett (8), Sears H. Scott (6), Thomas J. Bailey (26), Frank Loose (30), George S. Adron (8), Alfred S. Marsh (4), Charles Benedict (28), James H. Lyttle (6), Caleb W. Matthews (34), James Sorenson (20), George W. Blasdell (12), Henry J. Putney (34), Willherm Nurnberg (32), Pauline H.A. Michelson (32), Mitchell J. Parker

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