10 years ago (1991)

"State budget cuts are causing ripples at Blue Mounds State Park's swimming beach.

Beginning July 16, the park will not employ the two lifeguards who guard the beach for about 65 hours each week. The park received notice last Friday that the state budget cuts required employee layoffs."

25 years ago (1976)

"Approval of a variance by the Luverne City Council has paved the way for the Luverne Medical Center to expand facilities by building an addition to the present building."

50 years ago (1951)

"A weather balloon fell on the John Baatz farm two and one quarter miles west of Luverne on Highway 9 last Monday morning.

The balloon was white in color and made of plastic material. Richard Baatz, 16, found it partially deflated, caught in a fence in the pasture, at 5:30 a.m. Monday. Richard described it as being about four feet in diameter."

75 years ago (1926)

"Official returns on last week's primary election, issued Monday by the state canvassing board, show that Gov. Theodore Christianson carried every county in Minnesota, and that his majority over Mayor Leach is 162,382. The total votes cast for Gov. Christianson was 283,279, and for Mayor Leach, 123,897."

100 years ago (1901)

"The suggestion is made that this would be a good time for Luverne to have street names displayed at each corner and its residence and business houses properly numbered with a view to future free delivery and for the benefit of strangers who cannot be directed intelligently unless this is done. We could then have a city directory which would be of considerable value to businessmen and to strangers doing business with our citizens. We notice by exchanges that many towns nearby are doing the work."

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