Rock County 4-H seniors awarded scholarships

4-H News

Six Rock County 4-H senior members were selected as recipients for the 2019 4-H scholarships.

Recipients, 4-H club, sponsor scholarship, and parents are as follows:

•Michael Kinsinger; Magnolia Juniors; Teal’s Market and Reisch scholarships; son of Shawn and Teresa Kinsinger, Luverne.

•Hannah Kruse; Livewires; Reisch scholarship; daughter of Kory and Michele Kruse, Adrian.

•Kaylie Ossefoort; Magnolia Juniors; Reisch scholarship; daughter of Josh and Becky Ossefoort, Luverne.

•Trevor Mente; Magnolia Juniors; Reisch scholarship; son of Dave and Stacy Mente, Magnolia.

•Joshua Raak; Denver Go-Getters; Reisch scholarship; son of Philip and Theresa Raak, Jasper.

•Josie Scholten; Blue Ribbon; Reisch scholarship; daughter of Kraig and Kristi Scholten, Hills.


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