Releasing the young bluegills into the lake are is John Chambers (left) and watching (from left) Summer Aning, Jeremy Wallenberg (back), Dustin Aning, Emmalee Wallenberg and Danny Aning.

Ready for summer

Proceeds from February’s Get Hooked Fishing Derby raffle were used Tuesday morning to stock 725 hybrid bluegills in The Lake west of Luverne. John Chambers (right) with 10,000 Lakes Aquaculture of Osakis delivered the 4- to 6-inch fish to Luverne and placed the young fish into buckets for Dustin Aning to carry to The Lake.


The hybrid bluegill is a hardy fish meant for repeated catching and releasing without compromising the fish’s health. A fast-growing fish variety, the bluegills will be 10 inches long once they mature.

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