Political campaign signs not permitted on state highway right of way

As political campaigns get underway for November elections, the Minnesota Department of Transportation reminds campaigners that state law prohibits placement of private signs on highway right of way in Minnesota.

In addition, state law says that signs may not be placed on private land without the consent of the landowner.

Violation of the law, Minnesota Statute 160.27, is a misdemeanor. Civil penalties may also apply if the placement of such material contributes to a motor vehicle crash, creates injury to a person, or causes damage to a motor vehicle that runs off the road.

In addition, the Minnesota Outdoor Advertising Control Act prohibits placing advertising devices on public utility poles, trees and shrubs and by painting or drawing on rocks or natural features.

MnDOT workers will take down private signs located on the state highway right of way and transport them to the nearest MnDOT truck station where they will be available for retrieval. County, city and township employees administer these laws on their roads.

For information regarding the proper placement of campaign signs, right of way boundaries, or where to find removed materials, visit mndot.gov or contact the local MnDOT office at (507)304-6100.



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