Open Class Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion winners from the 2016 Rock County Fair are (front, from left) Nancy Walgrave, Katie Walgrave, Greg Burger, Barb Sandbulte, Bev Rickenbaugh, Maria Rops, Kyle Ferguson, (back) Linda Wenzel, Eric Fick, Marcia Essman, Karon Nagel, Evan Prekker, Andrew Prekker, Megan Sauer and Julia Ferguson. (Not all winners were present for the photograph.)

Open class winners named for 2016 Rock County Fair

Following are the results reported for Open Class competition at the 2016 Rock County Fair:

•Field Crops: champion, Eric Fick; reserve, Eric Fick.

•Vegetables and Fruits: champion, Chloe Schoeneman; reserve, Loren Forrest.

•Sewing: champion, Megan Sauer; reserve, Connie Bergman.

•Crocheting, knitting, embroidery, hardanger and cross-stitch: champion, Katie Walgrave; reserve, Eve Hoffenkamp.

•Junior sewing: champion Monte M.; reserve, Margaret Vogel.

•Home-preserved food: champion, Dawn Sandager; reserve, Greg Burger.

•Photos: champions, Andrew Prekker and Joseph Rust; reserves, Sierra Somnis and Autumn Nath.

•Senior citizen: champion, Betty Leuthold; reserve, Carlene Boll.

•Winemaking, liqueurs and schnapps: champion, Lee Sells; reserve, Sue Stueven.

•Wood: champion, Daryl Hilfers; reserve, Howard Kass.

•Gift baskets: champion, Pam Sells; reserve, Shirley Connor.

•Fine dining: champion, Barb Sandbulte; reserve, Sharon Zinnel.

•Bucket of flowers, three gallon: champion, Owen Sells; reserve, Nelson Benson.

•Bucket of flowers, five gallon: champion, Ramona Weinkauf; reserve, Virginia Schei.

•Baking: champions Raghad Haddard and Sarah Stegenga; reserves, Barb Sandbulte and Christopher Bonilla.

•Floral: champion, Linda Wenzel; reserve, Shirley Connor.

•Arts and crafts: champion, Evan Prekker; reserve, Tim Waterbury.

•Professional arts and crafts: no entries.

•Junior arts and crafts: champion, Ian Jauert; reserve, Gabriella Porter.

•Place settings: champions, Denise Gorter and Alyssa Kienholz.

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