Grand and reserve grand champion winners in the Rock County Fair Open Class competition on hand for a photo Friday afternoon include (front, from left) Jase Van De Berg, Austyn Pap, Ava Steinhoff, (second row) Katie Walgrave, Marcia Essman, Jane Wellington, Ashlee Overvaag, Kaitlyn McDowell, Eric Fick, Dorral Kramer Guzman, (back) Cindy Reverts, John Baustian, Sarah Essman, Carol Goehle, Barb Sandbulte and Sharon Zinnel.

Open class entries shine at 2018 fair

Local residents, young and old, showcase their talents in floral, baking, sewing, gardening, woodworking, arts and crafts and more

Following are the results reported for Open Class competition at the 2018 Rock County Fair:


Best of Show: Taedra McKenzie; Reserve Best of Show: Jane Wellington.

Champions of Subdivisions: Ian Jauert, Tori Hemme, Carter Petersen, Jane Wellington, Shirley Sandager, Taedra McKenzie.

Reserve Champions of Subdivisions: Sylvie Jauert, Kelli Hellerud, Carter Petersen, Lynette Jauert, Shirley Connor, Marrs Thone.


•Best of Show: Ashlee Overvaag; Reserve Best of Show: Shirley Conner.

•Champions of Subdivisions: Shirley Connor, Ashley Overvaag.

•Reserve Champions of Subdivisions: Becky Sehr, Ashley Overvaag.

Table Topper:

•Best of Show: Sharon Zinnel; Reserve Best of Show Deb Barnett.

Gift Basket

•Best of Show: Shirley Connor; Reserve Best of Show: Chloe Schoeneman; Reserve: Barb Sandbulte.


•Best of Show: Valerie Meinerts; Reserve Best of Show: Valerie Meinerts.

•Champions of Subdivisions: Valerie Meinerts (2), Jo-Hannah Ladd; Reserve Champion of Subdivisions: Valerie Meinerts (2), Sarah Essman.


•Jr. Best of Show: Austyn Pap; Reserve Best of Show: Julia Ferguson.

•Champions of Subdivisions: Ava Steinhoff, Austyn Pap; Reserve Champions of Subdivisions: Julia Ferguson.

•Adult Best of Show: Pam Aarke; Reserve Best of Show: Deloris Leenderts.

•Champions of Subdivisions: Betty Leuthold, Sharon Zinnel, Delores Leenderts, Pam Aarke, Margaret Larson; Reserve Champions of Subdivisions: Carol Goehle, Vicky Henderson, Denise Dirks, Barb Sandbulte, Sharon Zinnel.


•Best of Show: Sandy Loose; Reserve Best of Show: Gloria Nelson.

•Champions of Subdivisions: Sandy Loose (3), Deb VanHerde, Gloria Nelson, Doral Guzman. Reserve Champions of Subdivisions: Deb VanHerde, Dawn Vander Beek, Doral Guzman, Sandy Loose.

Senior Citizens

•Best of Show: Henrietta Haak. Reserve Best of Show: Sharon Zinnel.

•Champions of Subdivisions: Henrietta Haak, Betty Leuthold, Marcia Essman, Sharon Zinnel, Gloria Nelson, Nancy Walgrave. Reserve Champions of Subdivisions: Doral Kramer Guzman (2), Alice Bjerrum, Betty Leuthold, Margaret Larson, Jane Wellington.

Wood and Wood Carving:

•Best of Show: Daryl Hilfers. Reserve Best of Show: Jack Cragoe.

•Champion of subdivisions: Jack Cragoe, Daryl Hilfers, Colter Thone, Mel Hamann. Reserve Champion of Subdivisions: Jack Cragoe, Patrick Vogel.

Metal work

•Best of Show: Orvin Heckt, Dylan Mente.

Junior Arts and Crafts

•Best of Show: Kaitlyn McDowell; Reserve Best of Show: Penni Moore.

•Champions of Subdivisions: Kaitlyn McDowell, Katherine Pizel, Ian Jauert, Sarah Stegenga. Reserve Champions of Subdividsions: Kaitlyn McDowell, Makayla Baker, Penni Moore, Mazzi Moore.

Arts and Crafts

•Best of Show: Annabelle Petronek. Reserve Best of Show: Verland Johnson.

•Champions of Subdivisions: Laura Richters, Lorna Boots.

•Professional Best of Show: Lori Witte.

Home preservation

•Best of Show: Katie Walgrave. Reserve Best of Show: Stacey Thone.

Fruits and Vegetables

•Best of Show: Dorral Kramer Guzman. Reserve Best of Show: Shirley Sandager.

•Champions of Subdivisons: Dorral Kramer Guzman, Sarah Stegenga. Reserve Champions of Subdivisions: Shirley Sandager, Gabe Horton.


•Best of Show: Derick Fick. Reserve Best of Show: Eric Fick. Champions of Subdivisions: Derek Fick, Eric Fick (2). Reserve Champions of Subdivisions: Jason VandeBerg, Alon Hemme (2).

Bucket of Flowers

•Best of Show: Marie Gleis. Reserve Best of show: Reva Hoff.

•Champions of Subdivisions: Reva Hoff, Marie Gleis, Elaine Hamann. Reserve Champion of Subdivisions: Ron Griffin, Donna Knight, John Baustian.

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