Luverne grad is featured Realtor in House Hunters

HGTV segment features Ashley (Gacke) Bartholomaus in Sioux Falls

Local fans of the popular television series “House Hunters,” will recognize the featured Realtor in a segment recently filmed in Sioux Falls.

Ashley (Gacke) Bartholomaus is a realtor with the Tony Ratchford Group of Keller Williams Realty in Sioux Falls.

She sent House Hunters producers an audition tape of herself describing her experience working with a young couple, Damon Thielen and Jessica Brown, helping them find a house.

Her audition tape described the couple’s contrasting personalities and differing opinions on what they wanted in a home on their budget.

“He hated everything she liked, and she hated everything he liked,” Bartholomaus said. “They actually said they’d be perfect for House Hunters.”

The segment aired Tuesday night, but it will be available on On Demand (Season 100, Episode 5, called Mid-Century Modern vs. Bungalow in Sioux Falls.

This is the first time Sioux Falls has been featured on the show, and the segment includes scenes of downtown, the falls and other popular landmarks in the city.

“It puts Sioux Falls in a very cool light,” Bartholomaus said. “I’m excited.”

After watching it Tuesday night, she said the episode was all she hoped it would be.

“I’m very happy,” she said. “It actually came off like real life.”

She said her clients, after being recorded for the show, later feared that they had been too honest in their reactions.

But Bartholomaus said the show’s producers and editors had professionally clipped pieces together for a positive flow.

“My clients came off as really fun,” she said. “They really made it a playful, fun episode. It showed my personality really well, how I operate with clients.”

Bartholomaus, a 2001 graduate of Luverne High School, is the daughter of Curt and Joni Gacke and the granddaughter of Don and Phyliss Schouwenburg, all of Luverne.

The segment will eventually be posted online at, and it’s so far scheduled for an additional airing at 4:30 p.m. June 27. Meanwhile, it’s available on YouTube as a $2 download.

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