Individual 4-H project disks also handed out

Project disk awards were also presented to individual 4-H members at the annual Rock County 4-H Achievement and Recognition program Nov. 7.

These disks are given in each of the project areas based on the project records that the youth complete and submit for judging. A group of adult and youth leaders gathered in October to select the top records in each project area. Those top record winners are:

Animal Science Project Areas

Beef: Karly Kruse, LW; Leah Kruse, LW; Dylan Mente, MJ; Trevor Mente, MJ; Austin Ossefoort, MJ; Dalton Popkes, LW.

Dairy: Jacob Raak, DGG; Matthew Raak, DGG.

Goats:  Christian Kruse, MJ; Moriah Flanagan, SD.

Horse: Moriah Flanagan, SD; Cody Sasker, MJ; Sawyer Sasker, MJ; McKenna Westphal, BR.

Pets: Kaley Flanagan, SD; Morgan Gonnerman, WW; Ashlyn Johnson, K9s.

Poultry: Shane Mueller, SD.

Rabbit: Christian Kruse, MJ; Dennie Sandbulte, MJ.

Sheep: Michael Kinsinger, MJ; Nathan Kinsinger, MJ; Dylan Mente, MJ; Jacob Stroh, K9s.

Swine: Will Stegenga, WW; Harrison Uithoven, K9; Mira Uithoven, K9s.

General Project Areas

Aerospace: Ethan Braucht, K9.

Child and Family Development: Claire Popkes, LW; Kaley Flanagan, SD.

Clothing and Textiles: Cassandra Chesley, K9s; Alexis Ferrell-Johnson, K9s; Brianna Jonas, MJ; Claire Popkes, LW; Dennie Sandbulte, MJ; Grace Sandbulte, MJ; Sarah Stegenga WW.

Communication Contest: Matthew Raak, DGG.

Crafts and Fine Arts: Cassandra Chesley, K9s; Alexandra Hartman, BR; Caitlin Hartman, BR; Ashlyn Johnson, K9s; Nathan Kinsinger, MJ; Hannah Kruse, LW; Erica Lysne, K9s; Dylan Mente, MJ; Trevor Mente, MJ; Austin Ossefoort, MJ; Mira Uithoven, K9s.

Crop Science: Dalton Popkes, LW.

Exploring the Environment: Ryleigh Beers, BMC.

Exploring Animals: Shane Mueller, SD.

Fishing Sports: Olivia Huisman, LW.

Flower Gardening: Alex Hartman, BR; Caitlin Hartman, BR.

Food and Nutrition: Alexa Chesley, K9s; Cassandra Chesley, K9s; Morgan Gonnerman, WW; Justin Mente, MJ; Sarah Stegenga, WW; Will Stegenga, WW.

Geology: Josie Scholten, BR.

Health: Ryleigh Beers, BMC.

Home Environment: Elise Ferrell-Johnson, K9s; Sarah Stegenga, WW.

Indoor Gardening: Mary-Frances Ladd, BR.

Needle Arts: Alexa Chesley, K9s.

Performing Arts: Alexandra Hartman, BR; Hannah Kruse, LW; Josie Scholten, BR.

Photography: Krista Burkman, SD; Alexandra Hartman, BR; Caitlin Hartman, BR; Karly Kruse, LW; Justin Mente, MJ; Trevor Mente, MJ; Shane Mueller, SD; Megan Popkes, LW; Caleb Raak, DGG; Jacob Raak, DGG.

Plant and Soil Science: Moriah Flanagan, SD.

Quilting: Hannah Kruse, LW; Leah Kruse, LW; Megan Popkes, LW.

Self-Determined: Ryleigh Beers, BMC; Caleb Raak, DGG; Josie Scholten, BR.

Shooting Sports/Wildlife: Justin Mente, MJ; Cody Sasker, MJ.

Shop/Wood Science: Dylan Mente, MJ; Shane Mueller, SD.

Tractor: Shane Mueller, SD; Will Stegenga, WW.

Vet Science: Hannah Kruse, LW; Shane Mueller, SD.

Video: Burke Johnson, K9s. 

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