Chandler Feed Company submitted a height variance request for 114 feet for a proposed 600,000-bushel grain bin next to its facility. Hardwick City Council approved the request at an April 14 public hearing conducted by teleconference.

Hardwick approves height variance for bin

A height variance was granted April 14 for Chandler Feed Company to build a new grain bin in Hardwick.

The Hardwick City Council conducted the teleconference variance hearing with Derek Krosschell and Miles Brown with Chandler Feed Company participating.

No face-to-face meeting took place amidst coronavirus concerns.

Hardwick City Clerk Tammy Johnson said she sent 35 letters out to residents whose properties were located within 500 feet of the project.

While several people called into the teleconference, no one spoke about the project.

A question was received via the city’s three-person variance committee about fans that circulate air through the bin and the noise the fans create.

 Krosschell said the fans location and updated technology means newer, quieter models will be purchased.

“You won’t hear them,” he said. “And we are going to put them between the bins.”

The approved variance allows Chandler Feed Company to construct the new 600,000-bushel metal grain bin on property already owned by the feed company.

The proposed grain bin will be 107-feet in height with the proposed grain leg to fill the bin pushes the variance request to 114-feet.

Current Hardwick building ordinance restricts in-town structures to under 60 feet.

The estimated $1 million project is expected to be completed this fall.

“We are looking at keeping grain off the ground,” Krosschell said. “It will hopefully benefit farmers who can unload faster and get back out into the fields.”

The new bin will be located south of the elevator’s main storage area on First Street in Hardwick. The new bin will tie into the existing grain dump and grain leg system to fill and empty the bin.

The new 600,000-bushel grain bin doubles the elevator’s current grain storage capacity of 675,000 bushels.

Chandler Feed Company purchased the Hardwick location from Mouw’s Feed and Grain in 2018.

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