Government class seeks help from community

Luverne High School government teacher David Rysdam is seeking help from the community for his upcoming section on local government.

“I like to look at local issues as a way to cover the content,” said Rysdam, who is in his third year of teaching in Luverne.

Part of his next study unit includes a survey put out by the students to the faculty and community to gain information and find new points of interests to be studied.

The link,, will be live after 5 p.m. on Nov. 13 and asks questions related to “What is the role of county government?”

Rysdam said his students are fortunate to live in a community with active growth, which allows them to see firsthand how local governments play a role in the lives of citizens.

“My first year the students were lucky enough to study tru Shrimp and their potential landing in Luverne and what that means for local government as well as the economy,” Rysdam said.

“Year 2 we studied the school referendum and how the school district took advantage of favorable loan opportunities provided by the state and their work with the community to secure improvements for building, as well as a performing arts center that the whole community can take advantage of.”

This year Rysdam said students will study county government and its roll in working toward development in the area.

Lewis and Clark Regional Water System, rural broadband coverage and wind and solar energy are all topics that have been at the forefront of county interest over the past several years.

“We will be taking a look at these issues and how the county works with local, state and federal governments, as well as private industry, to carry out its duties,” Rysdam said.

He encourages area residents to participate in the survey his students compiled in order to help them with their study of local governments.

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