Lori Sorenson

Dining for dollars at Bluestem

Skyler Hoiland of Bluestem Restaurant, Luverne, donates a $1,285 check to Generations vice president Renae Reu (left) and president George Bonnema Wednesday, Jan. 15, in the Generations dining room. Hoiland raised the money through a new “Community Cash” menu option at Bluestem that automatically donates $1 dollar to a local charity when patrons order certain entrees during a given month. Generations (formerly Rock County Senior Citizens) was the first organization to benefit from the option. The money will support Generations fundraising efforts toward construction of a new building. Generations volunteers have been working in earnest to raise money for the structure, which will be built immediately to the west of the current building on property the group recently purchased from Terry and Mary Thone. To support the project, donations can be sent to Generations at 319 E. Lincoln Street, Luverne, MN 56156.


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