Cash rewards offered in theft, vandalism case

Rock County Sheriff Evan Verbrugge is reminding residents to lock their vehicles and be on the alert for potential thefts and vandalisms.

Last week the Sheriff’s Office received calls of thefts from vehicles and reports of slashed tires in Luverne. Some simply reported that someone had been “rummaging through vehicles.”

In all cases, Verbrugge said the vehicles were unlocked and unattended.

“Remember to lock your vehicles and take out any valuables from inside of your vehicle into your residence,” he said.

In all there were nine vehicles affected, two with slashed tires.

“Most of the vehicles just had someone rummage through them, looking for money, it appears,” Verbrugge said.

And in some cases, cash was stolen ($1,200), in addition to fishing equipment ($600), an iPod ($150) and other items.

Most of the incidents were reported July 12 and 13, from no specific area of town.

“The Sheriff’s Office is asking the public for any information about whether they saw someone or a group of individuals walking around,” Verbrugge said.

A $500 cash reward is offered for any information leading to an arrest and conviction.

The phone number is 507-283-5000.

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