Day care art from Peggy Fisher's day care.Above is creation by Mollie in Peggy Fisher's Luverne day care.Dallas Erickson with his egg carton crocodile.Brenda Johnson's day care artwork.Carolynn Baustian of Jasper prepares her day care group for departure for home in the lobby of the Carnegie Cultural Center in Luverne.Carolynn Baustian's day care group boards the Luverne trolley after their trip to the Carnegie Cultural Center on Thursday, May 7.Carolynn Baustian and her day care kids pose in front of their art work.Amy Domagala's day care artwork.Amy Domagala's day care artwork.Works of the children in Abbie Behr's day care in Luverne.Carolynn Baustian's day care created this spring mobile.Abbie Behr's day care artwork.A fabric bowl with eggs.Carolynn Baustian's day care group shows how they danced on paper creating the art work hung behind them. They are (from left) Myah Johnson, Barrett Rodman, Dallas Erickson, Josie Garcia, and Sophia Baatz.

Carnegie showcases work of young artists

The May display at the Carnegie Cultural Center rivals that of professional art exhibits, yet many of the artists don’t yet know how to tie their own shoes.

The Day Care Art Show, featuring the work of Rock County’s youngest artists, is on display through the month of May at the Carnegie at 205 North Freeman Avenue in Luverne.

Chamber Director Jane Wildung Lanphere said many local day care providers incorporate art into their children’s regular routines with beautiful results.

With the May show at the Carnegie, Lanphere said the providers and their artists have a chance to share their work with the public.

To make it a field day for the children, Lanphere invited them to visit the Carnegie via the Luverne Trolley, which also transported them past local attractions.

Carolynn Baustian’s day care center in Jasper visited on May 7, and the students were visibly excited to see their artwork on display.

One piece in particular prompted explanation.

Called dance painting, it was created by painting the bottom of each child’s feet a different color and sending them dancing to the beat of their favorite song.

Which song was that? “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” they replied.

Baustian’s group also contributed a tie-dye cloth, springtime mobile, egg carton crocs and fabric bowls, to name a few.

Their work is displayed among displays of several other local day care providers who contributed creative pieces in many other mediums.

Those include Anne Shelton, Evonne Top, Jill Arp, Abbie Behr, Monica Edstrom, Roni Feit, Amy Domagala, Amy Dammann, Heather Frahm, Peggy Fisher, Peggy Nelson and Brenda Johnson.

The hours at the Carnegie are from noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday. The phone number is 283-8294.

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