Aug. 11 is filing deadline for local offices

Local leaders interested in filing for office have until Tuesday, Aug. 11, to throw their hats in the ring.

This applies to open seats in school boards, all Rock County municipalities except Luverne and townships that hold their elections in November.

Following are the local government seats open for election and the incumbents currently serving:


Beaver Creek:

Mayor: Josh Teune (has refiled)

Council member: Alan Harnack

Council member: Josh Boomgaarden



Mayor: Willy Baker

Council member: Richard Hubbling

Council member: Lowell Schelhaas



Mayor: Keith Elbers

Council member: Ross Metzger

Council member: Brian Sandbulte



Mayor: Delbert Gangestad      

Council member: David Groen

Council member: Paul Tweet



Mayor: Dennis Madison

Council member: Mary Smook              

Council member: Robert Somnis

Council member special election for 2-year term: Jeff DeGroot was appointed to fill Gary Lee’s seat to complete the first two years of the four-year position until the next general election. The seat is now open and will be filled by election.



Mayor: Melvin Van Batavia

Council member: Marlin Elbers

Council member: Mark Kruger


Luverne School Board:

Open seats are Tim Jarchow, Shelley Sandbulte and Colleen Deutsch.

As of Tuesday, Jarchow filed for re-election and Jeff Stratton also filed.


Hills-Beaver Creek School Board:

Open seats are Tami Rauk, Blake Wysong and Tim Bosch. As of Tuesday morning, no one had filed.


Battle Plain Township:

Clerk: Mark Vander Pol

1 Supervisor: Greg Talsma


Denver Township:

Clerk: Linda DeSplinter

1 Supervisor: Kyle Hemme

Both the clerk and the supervisor terms are for 4 years.


Martin Township:

Clerk: Doug Bos (appointed)

Supervisor: Josh Rheault

2 ballot questions: (1) appointment of clerk; (2) appointment of treasurer


Rose Dell Township:

Clerk: Wayne Uilk

1 Supervisor: Elroy DeSchepper  

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