May 14 On the record


Dispatch report

May 1

•Complainant reported that her client was not answering the door and she is diabetic. Would like a welfare check. She was taken to the hospital last night.

•Complainant reported they found a license plate in the county. Contacted owner to pick it up.

•Complainant reported they were repossessing a Dodge Journey in Luverne.

•Complainant reported she found a black large phone in her yard and brought it to the Rock County Sheriff’s Office.

•Complainant reported there are some kids on motor scooters playing around the lift station and trying to get inside of it. Deputy advised the building was open but it did not look like anything was disturbed. Deputy spoke to three kids on scooters and the kids said it was not them.

•Deputy stopped a vehicle and cited the driver for driving after revocation and open container.

•Complainant reported that her boyfriend has been assaulted.

May 2

•Complainant reported she heard a loud banging noise outside and wants deputies to check it out. Complainant is afraid it’s in relation to an earlier assault.

•Complainant reported some damage on his land. It looks like a car drove in circles in the field and it tore up his land.

•Complainant reported subject wrote checks from his account.

•Complainant reported she spoke with the sheriff and was advised that if a vehicle was registered to her, she should have no issues taking it from her mother’s place. The vehicle hasn’t been registered since 2008.

•Complainant reported she lost the front license plate on her vehicle. She is going to get the registration switched to her name this week.

•Complainant reported a scam on Facebook that he was involved in.

•Complainant requested a deputy to help with child who will not go in the apartment. Deputy transported juvenile to the ER for an evaluation.

•Deputies arrested male for domestic assault and took him to jail.

•Complainant reported subject is suicidal. Taken to the ER by ambulance.

•Complainant reported subject is breaking things. They were separated for the night.

•Complainant reported that her neighbor told her that subject made threats and said he has a gun.

May 3

•An employee from the rest area turned in a wallet. Made contact with owners.

May 4

•Complainant requested extra patrol for a couple of nights.

•Complainant reported a break-in over the weekend.

•Deputy saw someone crash a moped at E. Dodge and N. Kniss streets. No injuries.

•Complainant reported harassment on Facebook.

•Complainant reported he has physical custody of his son and the mother went to the school and took him to the doctor. The son was afraid and wanted to go back to school. Requested deputy meet dad at the clinic.

•Complainant brought in some black kneepads that were found on the bike path.

•Complainant requested a deputy accompany him to get some stuff from his residence.

•Complainant reported a gold and cream pickup dumping garbage into the ditch.

May 5

•Complainant kept calling 911 to say that her ex just drove by the motel on Hwy. 75 and that is harassment. She was told to get an order for protection and she got upset because she had to get it when she had all these advocates to do it for her.

•Complainant reported a curved piece of metal lying on the roadway. Complainant ran over it but did not have any damage. Metal was removed.

•Complainant reported two recliners were dumped on 51st Street between 30th and 40th avenues.

•Complainant requested we page the fire department to help spread floor dry for a hydraulic leak on Hwy. 75 by the stoplights.

•Complainant called 911 again and wanted a deputy to meet her immediately and protect her because that’s what we’re supposed to do. Her ex is driving on a road in town again.

•Complainant brought in a driver’s license they found on the bike path.

•Complainant brought in a driver’s license that was found on the sidewalk.

•Minnesota Duty Officer reported a spill at Agri-Energy. Notified city also.

•Complainant requested a deputy come to location so he can do some things at the residence.

•Complainant reported a kid that was racing around the fairgrounds and thinks he should be arrested. Deputy spoke with members of the fair board and they wanted him warned.

•Complainant reported problems with her soon to be ex.

May 6

•Complainant reported he drove into the car wash and the door closed while he was entering. Vehicle had damage to back window.

•Complainant reported a white van on Fireleaf Road. that seems suspicious. The van door is open and her neighbor’s car door and the person in the van keeps going back and forth. Deputy advised it’s the Safelite Auto Glass people and they are fixing the windshield.

•BNSF Railroad reported that 81st Street will be closed at the railroad crossing overnight.

•Complainant reported that subject was on his property yesterday and was told not to be there again or he would call the Rock County Sheriff’s Office. Subject was on his property again today.

•Complainant reported a tan Jeep-like vehicle swerving in both lanes of traffic headed west on Hwy. 23. Complainant got to I-90 from Jasper so the vehicle would have been going south.

•Complainant reported subject was trespassing on his property.

May 7

•Complainant requested a residence check, as he has been threatened.

•Complainant reported a white car is parked at location on S. Kniss Avenue without current tags and at least one of them does not have a valid driver’s license.

•Complainant requested a welfare check on subject who did not answer the door when they went to take him lunch from the senior citizens center. Dispatcher contacted subject and he is home.

•Complainant requested deputy escort him to his property, as there is an order in place.

In addition, officers responded to 6 motor vehicle accidents, 1 transport, 2 funeral escorts, 11 ambulance runs, 7 paper services, 12 animal complaints, 1 fingerprint request, 1 driver’s license check, 10 log/alarm sheets, 7 drug court tests, and issued  3 purchase/carry permits and 17 burn permits.

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