Senior Menu

Senior Citizens

Monday, June 12: Chicken hotdish, broccoli, lettuce, bread, tropical fruit.

Program: pinochle.

Tuesday, June 13: Lemon pepper fish, au gratin potatoes, creamed peas, bread, pie

Two-buck Tuesday sponsored by State Farm. Music by Bruce Dysthe.

Wednesday, June 14: Sweet and sour pork, rice, green beans, fruit, gelatin with topping.

Program: Cards with Alyce.

Thursday, June 15: Meatballs with gravy, mashed potatoes, beets, bread, angel food cake with fruit.

Friday, June 16: Baked chicken, potato salad, mixed vegetables, bread, ice cream.

Program: Kitchen band; birthday party.


Senior Dining offers well-balanced and affordable meals in a community atmosphere.

Gift certificates are available at the meal site or online at

Call Lauree Teunissen at 283-9846 to make dining reservations or for home-delivered meals.


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