<CENTER><B>Local man recieves Pizza Ranch<br> Employee of the Year Award</B></CENTER>

Kevin Elbers of The Luverne Pizza Ranch was named Pizza Ranch Employee of 1999 at the company's annual meeting. Of the 85 Pizza Ranch franchises in North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Michigan, Elbers best personified The Pizza Ranch slogan of "Good Things, Everyday."

The Employee of the Year award is based on professional performance, conduct and guest satisfaction.

"This year, we're proud to call Kevin our Employee of the Year," said Pizza Ranch President Joel Longtin. "Kevin's shown himself to be a great team member as well as showing a keen understanding of what it takes to keep our guests happy."

Lila Bauer, co-owner of the Luverne Pizza Ranch, adds, "Kevin's terrific. He's efficient, kind and understands our customers. Plus, his attitude is a real role model for the rest of the crew, including myself. He certainly deserves this award."

Following is Bauer's nomination letter to the company:

"It was very hard for me to decide on one Employee of the Year for the Luverne Pizza Ranch - I think that I have one of the best teams. They are dedicated and loyal to the Pizza Ranch. They are the reason why we are exceeding in sales.

In Luverne, we have an employee who started in July 1994. He came in to me and asked if I had any work for him. He would do anything. He said he could deliver because he grew up around here and he knew where a lot of people lived. He just wanted a chance. We hired him, Kevin Elbers.

Now, six years late, when you see Kevin he is more than likely zooming down the road (and I mean zzzooming!) in a Pizza Ranch car (that he'll tell anyone is his car) delivering a pizza or taking someone on a catering job. He is always friendly to the customer. He takes the extra time to help, not just for Pizza Ranch, but because that is the way Kevin is.

One time, on an out-of-town delivery, there was a car that was broken down and Kevin called in and said he was helping the people and I should call a tow truck for them.

Another time he was on a delivery and the lady needed someone to talk to so Kevin took a couple of extra minutes and listened. She called and thanked me for letting him be there for her.

If Kevin is not on a delivery he is probably in the dining room walking with a dessert pizza or just checking on the customers and thanking them for coming in and telling them we appreciate their business. Kevin always has a smile and a handshake.

Kevin is in charge of gas and oil in all the cars. He checks for any problems with them and then reports to Randy (because he knows that Lila does not do cars). Kevin helps Randy move equipment or get parts to fix the cars. He is always there for us.

Kevin received a managers' shirt from John, and he wears it with pride. He even wants to golf again at the summer meeting.

When we have a new hire Kevin is one of the first to introduce himself to them and quick to tell them if they have any questions and cannot find Lila, that he is my right hand man. Kevin deserves to be the Pizza Ranch Employee of the Year."

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