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Biever: Gift of freedom came from Korean War, other veterans

To the Editor:

As we consider our blessings this Christmas season, let's remember the gift of freedom that our current and past military service people have so generously provided.

In particular, let's remember our Korean War Veterans. Though others have forgotten, we must remember the price they paid.

The United States casualties in Korea between June 25, 1950, and July 27, 1953, resulted in 54,236 soldiers killed, 103,000 wounded, and 8,177 missing in action.

Of the 7,000 prisoners of war, 51 percent died in prison camps and 389 POW were never accounted for. Only 3,450 returned alive.

Let's count our blessings this Chirstmas, and let's thank out veterans for sacrificing so much for our freedoms. We shall never forget our comrades and their service.

Wayne Biever, Luverne,

Korean War Veteran

U.s. Marine Corp 1950-1953

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