Letter to the Editor

To the Editor, 

There is much to be upset about when we look at the news lately, but the Feb. 21 edition of the Rock County Star Herald brought a smile to my face when I saw several headlines with promising news.

The Blue Mounds State Park will finally have potable water. The city of Luverne and PIP have moved one step closer to making it a reality that the former GNP property will be utilized, generating economic activity throughout the region.

Obviously, the arts community is alive and well in Rock County because activities at the Historic Palace Theatre have made it necessary to hire an executive director.

I was also drawn to the headline, “Dynamite blows through bedrock.” I mean, come on, who doesn’t like stories about blowing stuff up?

Community members, state and local government, non-profits and business are all doing their part to make Luverne and Rock County a great place to live.

Kudos to everyone and to the Rock County Star Herald for keeping us informed.

Dale Moerke,



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