Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

We just received the Feb. 7 issue of the Star Herald and read the front-page story “Shopko Pharmacy Closes Suddenly.”

We feel that we should clarify the part about the pharmacy having moved from the previous Pamida building on East Main. There actually was no pharmacy at that location when they moved to the new building.

Family Drug had leased the pharmacy in the old building for many years but had moved out and into its own building on East Main a few years earlier.  

In 1997 Pamida approached us at Shaw Drug with a proposal to purchase our pharmacy and for us to move out to the new building.

Shaw Drug had started in 1982, when we bought Storaker Drug. Through the years we had also purchased Murphy Drug (which included Bot Drug) and Laudon Drug in cooperation with Pamida before the move.

So when we moved our pharmacy out to the new Pamida, the history of all of these Luverne pharmacies became a part of Pamida and later Shopko pharmacy.

We have such great memories of our years in Luverne and enjoy keeping up with the news in the Star Herald.


Derald and Linda Shaw, Owatonna

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