Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:


... onto the new fallen snow

A story was told to me one day,

How some birds in a blizzard had lost their way.

It was very cold, and snowing outside,

And the birds wanted in before they died.


A father was home alone, counting his worth,

While his family were in church, celebrating Christ’s birth.

He did not see the need to join his children and wife;

For this was just another normal day in his life.


You see, he did not believe the Christmas Story,

Why Christ would come down from His place in glory,

And be born to a world that was dark and cold;

He just could not understand, the way the story was told.


The man went outside and saw the birds in the night,

Then opened the barn door and turned on the light,

So the birds could go in, where they would be warm,

And safe from the winds and the deadly storm.


The door was open, but the birds did not know;

They kept hitting the windows and falling into the snow.

He called them, he chased them, but the birds did not see,

The entrance to the haven that was theirs for free.


Then he wished, if he only could become one of them,

Then maybe they would follow him,

Then he could lead them to that open door,

Where they would be safe forevermore.


It was then that the man would understand why,

Why Christ would come down to the earth from the sky.

He fell to his knees, to the cold ground below,

As tears rolled down his face onto the new-fallen snow.

Alan Harnack

Beaver Creek

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