Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Just a few things people should know. The paper in Luverne was helpful in putting a notice in about the Legacy Scholarship Fund. The American Legion Riders support veterans and their children. The Legacy Scholarship Fund is for children of veterans that have lost their lives since 9-11 or are 50 percent disabled. This is a way to help families of our brave men and women that have worn the U.S. uniform and still are. We are blessed to live in a community with generous support from businesses, individuals and organizations.

We are free today because of past people that wore the uniform of the U.S. and still are serving. We need to thank and help these good people. I will once again be out asking for donations in June or July for this great cause.

For God and country may no one ever put down a veteran that has or is serving our great nation.

Diane Strassburg


P.S. The City Park Christmas lights look wonderful. It’s the best Christmas attraction in Luverne.

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