Letter to the Editor

Harnack: 'Am I here all alone?"

Am I Here All Alone?

From the moment I could listen,

My parents said to me,

“Always treat people with respect,

The way you want to be.”


They also told me not to boast,

Don’t brag, don’t bully, or lie,

’Cause you will have to answer to these,

The moment that you die.


I learned the “Sermon on the Mount,”

Memorized the “Beatitudes.”

But it seems today they don’t apply;

We’ve had a change of attitudes.


Our leaders boast, brag, bully, and lie,

They abuse, degrade, and then deny.

They forget the meek, they forget the poor,

Seems compassion doesn’t exist anymore.


I still believe in Jesus,

Yes, believe in Jesus Christ,

But of this “new” Christianity

He may not be too enticed.


It seems the “Sermon on the Mount”

Has been “ripped up” and “thrown.”

Begs answer to my question,

“Oh my God, am I here all alone?!”

Alan Harnack

Beaver Creek


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