Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

My family moved to rural Hills in 1996. We sought a new way of life for our family. Sioux Falls was getting too big and thanks to a new friend from Hills, we found our acreage. It was perfect.

What made it perfect was the place and people we found. Instead of owning a home and renting a building in Sioux Falls, now we could live and work on our own property. The people we met were friendly and the entire area seemed to be alive and interactive. Like one big family. We could sense the feeling that if a neighbor was in trouble, people would step in and help. We still feel that way today.

But today we are all challenged. Farmers are in trouble and desperations are high. Those of us who rely on agriculture are negatively affected as well. It is times like these that we have to stick together and help one another to work through this temporary problem. Like a family, our community has to work together.

In these hard times there are those who want to take advantage of our situation. The wolves are at the door. Don’t let them in. Don’t weaken. Rely on your neighbors and family to help you stand against the door. The wolves are hungry and have come from far away, having exhausted the resources in their lands. In their lands the people have learned not to feed the wolves because the wolves will bite the hand that feeds them. That is why they are here. Ready to fleece a new community.

They will pit neighbor against neighbor and they will make promises that will not be kept. They will destroy your skyline, sicken the spirit of the people and drive out those who cannot bear it any longer. They will destroy your community. And they will do it with your own resources. They are coming now.

Will you please put your shoulder against the door. Be our friends, family and neighbors. Help us keep out  the wolves — wind energy.

Dennis Hartman


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