Letter to the Editor

School faculty, staff appreciate time, talent invested in staging last week's mock crash

To the Editor:

On Wednesday, Sept. 26, ninth- through 12-grade Luverne and Hills-Beaver Creek students and staff witnessed a mock crash that included four LHS “victims,” three Luverne parents, and many local first responders. 

The mock crash was extremely well done, very realistic and quite moving. 

After the outdoor crash scene, students and staff reunited in the gymnasium to hear the heart-wrenching story of a mother from Brandon who lost her 16-year-old son to a drunk driver, and a panel of our local first responders and community leaders spoke about the impact these types of accidents have on them, their organizations and the community. 

We are grateful for the many people who gave of their time to put this impactful event together: Amy Cook, LHS counselor; the Minnesota State Patrol; Rock County Sheriff’s Department; Luverne Fire Department; Rock County Ambulance; Sanford Hospital; Hartquist Funeral Home; LHS students Claire Baustian, Reka Meinerts, Jaden Knips, Michael Kinsinger and Jadyn Anderson;  parents Katie Baustian and Shawn and Teresa Kinsinger; Rock County Administrator’s Office; and Luverne Public Schools Administration. 

We know there is a lot of planning that goes into an event like this, and we appreciate the time and talents invested in helping to get the message out to young and old alike that drunk driving and distracted driving can have irreversible consequences that so easily can be avoided. 


Caroline Thorson, Becky Rahm, Hillary Neisteadt, Jennifer Radtke and Amy Sahly, on behalf of the Luverne High School faculty and staff


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