Letter to the Editor

Sandager registers disappointment in commissioners' vote to grant meteorlogical tower permit

To the Editor:
Disappointment: a word to describe the action taken by the county commissioners.
On Sept. 4 the board voted to reverse the decision by the zoning committee. This committee actually listened and heard from some of the concerned citizens that will be affected by this tower and many more to come.
Six questions were addressed at the zoning hearing, directly or indirectly. The real answers to the questions were yes, yes, yes! That is why all members on the committee voted no to approving this tower. By the way, thanks to the zoning committee for listening, understanding and doing the right thing.
Finally, to correct the comment that was made about the one family contesting this scam. It was several families that happened to have the same last name. We and others represented many of the families who weren’t there that will have to live with the ugliness of this whole fiasco.
This will disrupt and divide our communities for a long time to come. Is that what we really want?
Eugene “Pucky” Sandager

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