Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend? For some it is the first summer camping experience, a three-day vacation before summer begins, for others a weekend to catch up on chores at home. You may be one of those remembering to put flowers out at the cemetery of grandmas and grandpas who have passed away. And then there are those who are taking part in programs that honor our deceased heroes who served our country to give us the rights that we have in our nation today.

These past two weeks the American Legion Auxiliary in Luverne has been distributing poppy posters as a fundraiser for out poppy fund. The funds we raise go 100 percent back to the veterans. We do not keep any of the monies we raise. About 85 percent of the funds stay local and go to the Minnesota Veterans Home for activities for the residents, such as bingo, painting, musical programs, newspaper subscriptions, Christmas presents and whatever other needs the home might have. This spring we bought over 200 cover-ups to keep their clothes clean while they eat. The other 15 percent goes to help with activities at the veterans home in Sioux Falls and other veteran-funded programs in the state.

I invite you to attend the Memorial Day programs in our communities. The women and men serving in the military who have fought in the wars to keep out country free have given us our freedoms. Ours is a country that has freedom of speech, we can all have our own opinions and believe whatever religion we want. Many men and women would again serve our country if they could. There have been no major wars though there are still countries our military is helping: Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other places to help keep world peace. As a result, many of our younger people do not realize all of the people who served in the military have made out nation great.

Attend a Memorial Day service in your community. Help us remember those who have died for your freedom. Thank a person in the service when you see them. They give you the freedoms you have. Visit a person in the Minnesota Veterans Home in Luverne. They love company, they love children and pets. Some have no relatives to visit and some live far distances. They love to tell stories of how and where they grew up and what they made of their lives after they returned from the service. Some may not be able to communicate at all but they still enjoy the company. All they need is some time given by you.

We are having a potluck lunch Monday, May 28, at the American Legion after the program at the cemetery. Bring a bit of food and visit with the veterans. They have so much to tell about their experiences.

We will be at various businesses on Friday, May 25, to celebrate Memorial Day with poppies. If you would like a poppy to honor out veterans but do not have any funds to donate, please still accept a poppy to let our veterans and present military know that you are honoring, remembering and thanking them for their service.

Dianna Tomlinson, President

Dell Hogan Post 123

American Legion Auxiliary


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