Letter to the Editor:

It's the community that makes the Veterans Home a home

To the Editor:

As someone who has recently lost our mother, we would like to thank the people that worked so hard to get the Minnesota Veterans Home located here in Luverne. Mom was there for almost four years, and what a blessing that was. Luverne is so lucky to have Mary Jane Brown Home and the Veterans Home in town for people who can no longer take care of themselves. Because of Dad’s service during World War II, Mom was eligible to reside at the Veterans Home. The people who work there are awesome and always going above and beyond. They are compassionate, caring and loving.

Thanks also to the Luverne School District for starting the Adopt-A-Grandparent program. I have all the picture pins of the gals that made an hour every Wednesday something for Mom to look forward to. The Activity gals provided hours of entertainment for the residents morning and afternoon. And the Homemakers played games with them each evening. Many of the activities there involved people from Luverne and surrounding communities coming to the facility. Thank you.

Pastor Tom, your church services were so uplifting. It was always what the residents and their families needed to hear. The Memorial Service on Jan. 31 was so helpful in the grieving and healing process.

The building is well taken care of, inside and out, the meals and coffee time treats were great, and the office staff was always very helpful. We could go on and on, but the point is that we wanted to publicly thank the community and the staff for making Mom’s time there so enjoyable. It was home to her.

Delbert Nieuwboer and Gloria Rust,

On behalf of the family of Jennie Nieuwboer


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