Letter to the Editor

Frakes doesn't want return to "Good Ol' Days'

To the Editor:

There’s a lot of great news out of D.C. these days, but the best news yet is that the Republicans seem to have endorsed Obamacare since they actually haven’t repealed it yet.

To understand how important this is, you have to know that I was born in the first half of the last century, so I can recall a lot of the ’50s and the first half of the ’60s quite well.

As you will recall, these were in the years before Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid, the SNAP program, affordable housing, extended unemployment, OSHA, free school lunches, etc., etc., and etc.

Back in those days it seemed to me that poor people in town were dying every day but in reality it was probably only three or four a week.

Sometimes someone would call up the sheriff because they hadn’t heard from some relatives for some time. The sheriff would then do a welfare check and find the whole family expired.

If it was in the summertime, not only would the poor coroner have to determine if they died from illness or starvation, he would also have to figure out who was who. You’ll remember this was before DNA.

If it was in the winter, it was easier to figure out who was who, but then they had to figure out if they died of illness, starvation, or just froze to death. Oh, the inhumanity!

So again, congrats, Repubs! We sure as heck don’t want to return to the “Good Ol’ Days.” Lucky we survived.

Bill Frakes



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