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Bakken: What does Beef Quality Assurance mean to the person buying beef at the meat counter?

To the Editor:

Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) — just another ag story — what does it have to do with me, the person buying beef at the meat counter?

The beef industry is continually making improvements toward transparency and accountability.  Today’s consumers are more interested than ever before on where and how the food they purchase is raised. An increased focus has been placed directly on daily production on our farms and ranches that influence the safety, wholesomeness and quality of beef. Low stress cattle handling, pharmaceutical product use, accurate record keeping and feed management are the four main areas of focus.

BQA is a good complement to the existing safeguards that are currently in place and have been used for many years by USDA for meat inspections. In fact, harvest facilities have indicated that they will only purchase cattle from a BQA-certified farm in the near future. BQA certification is proof to our consumers that we have accountability and follow a protocol that assures the highest quality beef and beef products in Rock County and the world, as no other country has such a system.

I hope I have helped you understand why I feel that BQA provides a significant level of confidence when you go to the meat counter to purchase your beef. This happens locally, thanks to the Rock County Beef Farmer and the support of their veterinarian, nutritionist, banker and the community that we live in.

Peter Bakken

Beaver Creek

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