Letter to the Editor

Kroontje: Watch out for Publishers Clearing House scam

To the Editor:

I’m writing about a scam letter and check from a scam Publishers Clearing House in order to alert others.

I received a scam letter and sent it to the real Publishers Clearing House in New York. The rule of thumb, according to them, is, “You don’t pay money to win money.”

The way it works is they (the scammers) have you cash the check and wire them, say, $2,000 of the check. Then you find out the check is no good and you owe the bank the $2,000 you sent, and likely sent it out of the USA to Canada, where it’s harder to prosecute the scammers or get your money back.

The scammers may call on the phone saying you’ve won a lot of money and have to wire a certain amount of money to get it released. They keep what you sent and you receive nothing.

Anyway, the better we are educated on scams, the less chance we will lose money to them.

Information is prevention.

Marvin Kroontje


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