Letter to the Editor

Naasz: Christmas 2017 reveals community support for continued blessings in 2018

To the Editor:

With the new year in progress, we’ve had a chance to reflect on the challenges and blessings of 2017.

As our community knows, the challenges are many at Southwestern Youth Services, but the blessings continue to come to us far in abundance of our expectations. 

Christmas 2017 revealed once again that the support for our program is very strong and that the community’s generosity and concern for our boys does not waver. 

Many, many individuals, farming families, churches, civic programs and businesses donated money and gifts which provided each of our boys with Christmas presents that included warm clothing, shoes, coats, games, and the always welcome seasonal sweets and treats. 

In addition to those gifts, our school library received a much-needed boost that is most welcome as the vital skill of reading is the most utilized pastime in the building. 

Our gym received new basketballs and Nerf games. Our memberships to the Luverne City Pool and the Luverne Fitness Center were renewed and the trips to town have become a weekly goal for each of our students. It is hard to understand until you see it, but a first-time-ever trip to a swimming pool can bring extreme joy to many of our students.

In addition, the students’ day rooms were equipped with new board games and puzzles, and many new DVDs entertain them during their down time. 

At night when our boys go to bed, they are kept warm by the many new quilts that came into our building from many different church groups, circles, and individuals, and the boys will each take one home as a reminder of the love and care with which each was made. 

Finally, there were many other donations, too numerous to mention here, that allowed us to exemplify the whole meaning of the season for the students.  

In short, our efforts to bring a meaningful Christmas to many who have never experienced it could only have been done with support and belief in our mission from the local area farms and towns.

The words “thank you” do not seem adequate to convey our deep gratitude for the many kindnesses that SYS continues to experience.  As for 2018, we at SYS look forward to continued blessings and fewer challenges and we sincerely wish the same to each of you.

Carole Naasz and staff Southwestern Youth Services Magnolia


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