Letter to the Editor

Preuss reflects on Luverne's transformation

Mr. Peterson in his last column so eloquently wrote what I have been thinking for years. Luverne is progressive in its thinking and actions.

Stepping back to look at this city and also county, we can clearly see its progress. Projects include an ice arena built with approximately $1.5 million donated dollars, a historical museum erected with $900,000 donations, and a hospital built with over $1 million of again donated money.

Let’s not forget a very large Dollars for Scholars fund. A $31 million bond issue for our school system, nor the bond issue a few years back for the new elementary school.

I realize the city and county governments have given money to some of the projects, but remember that is our money.

The transformation of our downtown and environs is the reason other towns might and are envious of the people who “Love the Life.” Include my family in that phrase.

Bill Preuss


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