Letter to the Editor

Miller commended SYS, community for outpouring of support during the holidays

Dear Santa,

I wanted to take the moment and mention a group of people that I have found to definitely be on the NICE list. I have begun working at Southwestern Youth Service (SYS) in Magnolia. Though I have not been here long, the employees and clients have made me feel as if I have always belonged. I have worked in this particular area for several years, and to watch this team come together at the time of need has been truly amazing.

The holiday season can be a difficult time of year for several people, and this definitely includes the individuals we support. They have several obstacles that they are overcoming, and then to add the holidays and being away from their families can be very trying.

Over the last few weeks I have been amazed and truly blessed to watch the employees and community members come together and support this program and to host a beautiful Christmas for these young men. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of community support and involvement. I have never in the years I have supported individuals seen such dedication and outreach to a program. It warms my heart to see the community support their youth.

The teachers here, Carole Naasz, Paula Lammert, and Christine Lovett, went above and beyond to gather, shop and put together Christmas for the youth here at SYS — along with several other helpers such as Don Johnson, Jeremy Hough, Amber Shaw, Renee Dibbern, Dennis Wojciehowski, Megan Aldrich, Jensen Wolf, SYS staff, and several community members.

We have also received great support from Erica Hough, Jill Boltjes, Devin Thorson, and Skie Anderson or Luverne Counseling. This group has been truly inspiring and angelic. True meaning of Christmas is support and giving to others. I am blessed to be a part of this team.

Please, Santa, ensure these employees and community members are on your NICE list and have a blessed holiday and a New Year.

Nurse Robyn Miller

Southwestern Youth Service, Magnolia

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