Letter to the Editor

LiftL 'Successful schools are the foundation of a successful town'

To the Editor:

The Luverne Initiatives for Tomorrow Executive Board is in support of the Luverne Public Schools ISD 2184 upcoming bond levy measures, Question 1 and Question 2.  By voting “Yes” for both of these questions, we will provide the opportunity for the District to improve health and safety along with the renovating our 63-year-old high school building to support new student learning methods and instruction techniques.

Successful schools are the foundation of a successful town.  The benefits of passing these two questions are wide-ranging.  In the short term, the construction will directly impact the economy of the community in the need for products, services and employees.  In the long term, students will receive their education in updated learning environments that are better suited to the modern needs in education.   Another important benefit is that this investment in education is a solid foundation upon which our community will find future success.

Great school districts relate directly for our community to be able to maintain and attract strong, successful businesses.  Strong educational facilities also correlate to the ability of our businesses to attract and maintain great employees by providing a skilled and educated labor force.  Such a workforce begins with an investment in the next generation of employees.

In approving these two ISD 2184 School District ballot questions, we will initiate positive economic and social changes for all the residents of this community, both now and into the future! 

Luverne Initiatives For Tomorrow (LIFT)                                                                                           Executive Board


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