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Voight: School's proposed performing arts center 'augments enhances' opportunities

To the Editor:

I support the school referendum, including the addition of a performing arts center. Luverne has launched many outstanding students who have made an impact in our world in a wide variety of ways. We want this tradition to continue and need to provide our future leaders with the tools and environment to best develop their skills.

I listened to a presentation about the referendum and read the fine article by the Star Herald in a recent issue. I was impressed by the planning that has ben done and also by the care which has been taken to be wise stewards of public funds.

I want to further emphasize that I believe the addition of the Performing Arts Center should be included in this undertaking. The school needs a facility that can accommodate the seating of large segments of that student body in an environment which fosters focused attention. This does not happen when a section of the gym is used for a speech from the principal or any other speaker.

Further, the performing arts programs in the school need an area where they can showcase their talents. Our current “little theater” does not have sufficient space back stage, or in auditorium seating, for the type of productions which will challenge our students and prepare them for further education in the arts. We also do not have handicapped accessibility to accommodate performers or audience in our current space.

I have long been involved in the arts in Luverne, currently serving as board president of the Palace Theatre. I believe the Performing Arts Center at the school, which will seat almost twice as many people as the Palace Theatre, will augment and enhance the artistic life of our community. The school needs a space for the education of students

 Any outside events brought to Luverne and presented at the school theater would be for programs larger than the Palace could accommodate. Each theater has a place in our community. Multiple venues will increase our cultural opportunities and improve the quality of life in Luverne. These changes will keep our community thriving and draw people to Luverne.

I have lived in Luverne for over 36 years. My children received a fine education here. I wish the same for future generations.

Louella Voigt

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