Letter to the Editor

Hartquist: Vote 'yes' twice on local school referendum

To the Editor:

I am writing to urge fellow community members to find out more about the school referendum coming up on Nov. 7 and get out and vote.

The school board plan proposes much needed additions and improvements to our middle school/high school building and expansion to meet growing space demands in the elementary school. As a parent of three school-aged children in District 2184, I will of course be voting YES to invest in our community schools on Nov. 7.

While we take great pride in our community schools and they are very well-maintained, our school infrastructure cannot meet the demand of the 21st century teaching and learning. In order for our children to benefit from all the advantages of today’s modern educational tools, there is an urgent need to upgrade our older middle school classrooms and add middle school and high school lab spaces. If we want our local students to achieve their full potential and grow up to become good citizens, we need to be willing to help them succeed.

Part of the recipe for that success is providing them with an education that prepares them for 21st century jobs and life. Bringing our school classrooms and facilities up to modern standards in order to accommodate new technology just makes academic and economic sense. Let’s give our teachers the space they need to help our children get the education they need to succeed. I think it sends an important message about what a community values when we all come together to support educators and students by investing in these improvements.

Our teachers, students and facilities are in need of the community’s support. Please join me in voting YES twice on Nov. 7. 

Sara Hartquist



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