Letter to the Editor

Performing arts center complements community

To the Editor,

We are happy to see that the school board long-range facility plan includes a second question for voters about building a new performing arts center.

We believe the proposed center would provide the right size venue for Luverne Public Schools student concerts and other performances — and it would be a great community asset for all local residents.

The current school auditorium is undersized and does not have the space for the number of community members who want to enjoy presentations, musical concerts, theater performances and other community activities. The current auditorium also lacks the space needed to use and store theater sets and props.

In addition, the current auditorium is not easily accessible for those with disabilities, especially the ramp, which is too steep for people in wheelchairs or using walkers.

The new performing arts center would complement our beloved community institution, the Palace Theatre. If a new performing arts center was built, the Palace Theatre would remain a favorite place for a night out to watch a movie or see a presentation.

The new performing arts center would offer different amenities than the Palace Theatre because it would be built to accommodate live musical performances by school bands or orchestras with many musicians and would have the space needed to put on large theatrical productions. The proposed center would have between 700 and 800 seats and it would be accessible to those with physical disabilities.

We are both graduates of LHS as well as our three children. Presently we have six grandchildren attending Luverne schools.

We recognize the importance of schools having access to the arts and adequate space for their productions. We also look forward to having a performing arts center that can be shared by young and old residents alike — coming together to share artistic experiences would help make our community even stronger.

Gary and Janine Papik


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