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Robinson: Don't destroy green space

To the Editor:

The city of Luverne recently announced plans to rezone commercial property on Roundwind Road and to build twin homes on the site. Destroying what has become the best green space in the city due to 40 years of care to make it a beautiful open area with mature trees that is home for many common birds and a family of hawks as well as butterflies. This is a space enjoyed by many in our community who walk, run and bike around the quiet Tri-State addition. It is a favorite spot of photographers to take wedding, family, and senior pictures. The city’s plan will turn this into an area that only a few twin home owners will get to enjoy and of course some contractor will get to reap the profits of their easiest and most desired developments twin homes and the Home Owner Association fees that will continue to provide income for years to come on what the city claims is the cheapest and easiest space to develop. The city is likely correct, but just because its development provides the highest profit and it is the easiest doesn’t mean that it is the right thing to do.

Of course the city would like you to believe that we are in dire need of this space to develop housing on. But we all know that if this space is not developed other solutions will be found. Are we to believe that if we don’t build here our city will stop growing? If you agree that this space should remain green space and even developed into a space that everyone in our city and visitors will enjoy, don’t just read this and think that would be nice, contact City Hall and members of the Council to let them know you want to enrich our city with a top destination spot. Imagine what this space could be. Using it as a quiet place to just relax and reflect on the moment, the day, or life. Maybe reading a book while lying in a hammock. If we were able to get 10 people to go out to Touch the Sky Prairie to do yoga on a nasty Saturday morning in June image how many would attend in this space weekly. What better location than next to the fitness center. We have many awesome parks for our children to go play, is it time we have a park for adults to enjoy?

Our city has done a great job rebuilding on blighted properties to make better use of them. But building twin homes on this site will not make better use of the property on Roundwind Road. Leadership can get caught up in making the easy decision while trying to sustain rapid development, please help them stay focused on doing what is right and support keeping and enriching the green space on Roundwind Road.

P.S. After we have saved this space be sure to take a walk through the evergreen trees in September to stir up the migrating monarch butterflies!. If you play a musical instrument bring it along, I hear they love music.

Wayne Robinson


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