Letter to the Editor

Frakes supports Tri-State Addition housing project

To the Editor:

I’d like to share a few thoughts about the Tri-State Addition land purchased by the city of Luverne from Total Card Inc.

The land in question was owned by Tri-State Insurance originally with hopes of expanding at that site. The land was zoned commercial.

I was still a council member when the city negotiated the purchase from Total Card Inc. for the land that TCI had decided they did not need. When the city purchased the parcel, there were primarily two reasons for the land acquisition. One was to have land available if/when the city chooses to add on to the pool/fitness center. The second reason was to have some beautiful land available for housing. Of course, construction of housing on the land would require rezoning from commercial to residential. I think I can say that the city officials and council all thought it would be welcome news for the neighborhood that the land would be used for residential rather than commercial.

To the neighbors in the Tri-State Addition, the land was never set aside for a park. The owners and the city have always maintained the unused part of the parcel with a lovely lawn and shade trees that have grown over the years, but it could have been developed commercially a long time ago.

When the city develops a housing addition, the city incurs the costs of infrastructure, expecting to recoup the costs through the sale of the lots for houses and for the future real estate taxes that will be paid. In the case of the Tri-State parcel, the city now has the opportunity to offer the land for housing. It will mean additions to the tax base for future growth in the city, and some lovely new homes will be added to that neighborhood.

In the past, the city has always worked to develop new additions as beautifully as possible and to construct the infrastructure to service a neighborhood in the best possible way. I would think that developing housing units on the land in question will be no exception. Steps will take place to address rain runoff and other needs of the area.

It’s an exciting time to see all the growth and investment in Luverne, and I support and endorse the decision of the current council to move forward on the Tri-State project with the stipulations agreed to at the public hearing.

Esther Spease Frakes


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