Letter to the Editor

Miller: Thank you so much, Dad

To the Editor:

As the proud son of a brave World War II veteran who served the better part of three and a half years on troop carriers in the Pacific, stormed beaches the likes of Saipan, Okinawa, Eniwetok and Tarawa or waited in a fox hole to either kill or be killed, I have two thoughts to pass along this Memorial Day.

Thank you so much, Dad, for your selfless sacrifice and the examples of hard work, humility and acceptance that you so effortlessly passed along to your children and grandchildren.

Unfortunately, I’m also sorry, Dad, for the partisan political and societal mess we have created in this great country you so courageously fought to preserve. I’m afraid we have lost sight of what it takes to make something great — hard work, cooperation, courage, patience and resolve, not empty promises and negative rhetoric. We need to find our way back!

Gene Miller


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