Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

The governor of Minnesota signed a declaration stating May to be the official Poppy Month.

Many flowers are in bloom, including the American Legion Auxiliary poppy flower. The American Legion Auxiliary units all over the state of Minnesota will be out with poppy posters with the red flower and on Poppy Day we will be asking you to donate to the red flower and to wear it proudly.

Since World War I the Unites States has been involved in six wars. We’re currently in our longest war, the War on Terror, now in its 16th year, with 22 million veterans and 1.5 million United States Military personnel.

The United States has been at war somewhere within and beyond our borders for over 90 percent of our country’s 241 years of existence.

The American Legion Auxiliary is needed today more than ever. That is why the American Legion Auxiliary goes to all the businesses to ask for donations for the poppy posters and for the businesses to hang the posters in the window so people can see them.

The Auxiliary’s mission is in the spirit of service, not self. The mission of the American Legion Auxiliary is to support the American Legion and honor the sacrifices of those who serve by enhancing the lives of veterans, military and their families, both at home and abroad.

This is the list where we donate the money that we receive from the poppy posters and the poppy flower donations

Rock County Star Herald donated to the Sioux Falls Veterans Hospital and Minnesota Veterans Home; The Argus Leader donated to the Minnesota Veterans Home; Bingo at the Sioux Falls Veterans Hospital and Minnesota Veterans Home; gift shop present for Christmas at Minnesota Veterans Home; Christmas party for the veterans; birthday cards, Valentine’s Day cards, and entertainment trips to veterans; gifts to our three adopted veterans; money to the music entertainers that come to the Minnesota Veterans Home; donation to the USO for their obligations; hospitalized veterans writing project magazine, which goes to the Veterans Home; the Armed Forces service forces at the Minneapolis airport for food and drinks for the veterans passing through;  fourth-graders from the Luverne School who make posters, and we give each student a dollar for their wonderful work.

The posters are displayed at the Pizza Ranch, so please go and check them out.


The Man Who Made

this Little Red Flower

A man walked down the street the other day,

The ladies of the Auxiliary came his way.

He took a poppy and gave a dime.

He mumbled, “Why do they take up my time?”

He put the poppy in the buttonhole of his coat,

Next to some pencils and other notes.

When he got home, he placed the poppy on the table,

That red paper flower with the little white label.

As he looked at the flower, as if inspired, he wondered

“Who put the flower on this wire?”

He’s probably a man who once stood tall,

And for his country he gave his all.

He might once have piloted a plane,

Now gives his all just to walk with a cane.

His strong hands were a sense of power,

Now he makes this little red flower.

In our world we are busy with money and power,

While this man’s job is this little red flower.

He still takes pride in what he has to do.

Petal by petal he makes this flower for you.

This year when it comes to poppy day,

I’ll be glad to see the Auxiliary come my way.

I’ll cheerfully give them generously,

For the veteran making this flower could have been me. — Author Unknown.

Delores Mulligan, Luverne

American Legion Auxiliary

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